Internship at For The People

Recently, I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship at For The People, in Sydney who were working on an exciting international campaign for Adobe Software. I was offered a position within their team working on the campaign and this, in addition to my general experience and observations throughout the internship, formed the basis of my final semester of study at RMIT.

An initial idea was pitched by For The People and was then selected by Adobe to be used for the next stage of their ‘Make It’ campaign. The project was called SMU Labs, and it became the focus of my first month at the agency. I continued for another two months under the mentorship of Damian, one of the co-founders. Some of the clients that I worked with included PWC, Australian Ethical and Belvoir Theatre Co.

My involvement in the team allowed me to gain some valuable experience working within the type of design agency that I aspire to work for in the future. There were ample opportunities to develop hard and soft skills, helping me along in my career progression. In addition to this, I was able to analyse For The People’s structure and processes from a business strategy standpoint, in order to identify its strengths and opportunities, and then compile this information into a useful report for the agency’s benefit.

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