My Little Doll

My Little Doll (The Farce) - Australian Premier

A contemporary farce by Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón, My Little Doll (The Farce) centres around a dysfunctional middle upper class family where a young woman becomes a pawn in an elaborate revenge plot by her uncle against her father. Narrated by the family’s butler, this dark comedy dances between “burlesque and grotesque” as the daughter adopts her doll as an alter ego.

Translated into English by Veronica Barac, the frenetic rhythm of this controversial dark comedy takes you on a powerful journey into the fragmented psyches of these very twisted characters. The original Spanish production Mi Muñequita (La Farsa), shocked and delighted audiences all over Latin America and now it is our pleasure to bring this story to Australian audiences for the first time.

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